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Networking and Partnership

Business Beacon Collaborates with many leading organizations in Pursuit of its Mission and Objectives

Business Beacon has partnered with a wide network of Organizations and Institutions engaged in the promotion of Corporate Governance, MSME Development and Finance, Women Empowerment, Management and Entrepreneurship Development, Industrial and Trade Policy Promotion and other key focus areas.

Besides Business Beacon shares its vision and mission with major Industry Associations, Institutes of Company Secretary, Institute of Chartered Accountants and senior finance professionals, B School faculties and others.

With this wide collaborative network Business Beacon has succeeded in bringing to its clients the valuable expertise and services offered by many apex institutions, each one a leader in its own field.

A Brief Description Of Our Networking Organizations Is Presented Below

Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability was established on March 14, 2001 as a ‘Not for Profit’ independent institution. Asian Centre has been set up with a vision to become a ‘Think Tank’ and a ‘Catalytic Institution’ to bring about qualitative improvements in the Corporate Governance & Corporate Sustainability practices of Asian Companies, optimizing the value for shareholders & stake holders in a balanced manner. Playing a strong advocacy role, Asian Centre encourages companies to generate wealth in a socially responsible manner by protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development of communities & societies.

The Global Advisory Board of the Centre also believes that Corporate Sustainability is crucial for a Sustainable Society and Cleaner Cities. Thus, Asian Centre attempts to work with Corporate leaders on one hand and government officials on the other, to contribute towards ‘Better Governance’, ‘Sustainable Societies’ and ‘Cleaner Cities’.

Mission of Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability (ACCGs) is two fold i.e.“To promote Global Corporate Governance principles of Transparency, Accountability & Equanimity. And to promote ESG model of Corporate Sustainability by encouraging companies to generate wealth in a socially responsible manner by protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development of communities & societies.”

Asian Centre constantly strives to achieve this by working closely with multiple stakeholders like

  • Company Boards, including Promoters / Owners, Independent Directors as well as Management / whole time Directors.
  • Institutional Investors (FIIs), Private Equity organisations & Venture Capital firms, Individual Shareholders and other Capital Market entities.
  • Government and Regulatory authorities like Ministries of Corporate Affairs, Securities & Exchange Boards or Commissions, Central Banks and Stock exchanges.
  • Civil Society organizations representing Environment, Human Rights & other interest groups.

Corporates are vital partners in the development of a country. IOD, has over the last 25 yrs., grown manifold, bringing into focus and finding solutions to some of the most burning issues related to boardroom practices, Quality, Environment Good Governance, CSR, Sustainability, Climate Change, Development agenda and many more

IOD has over the years grown to associate with around 31,000 senior executives, representing prominent organizations from the private, public and government sectors India-wide, and now, increasingly, world-wide.

IOD was one of the first to think of enhancing Governance and Sustainability through a constructive engagement, focusing on a principle-based model of corporate governance that values 7Ds- Disruption of status quo, Dispersal of Authority, Diversity, Dissent, Dialogue, Disclosure and Directors’ Training for the boards to lead the change. It espouses integrity, transparency and accountability, as the competitive differentiators. Every year, IOD holds a number of international conferences, on a diverse range of subjects from Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Leadership, Total Quality Management, Business Excellence, Boardroom Agenda, Competition Law, CSR, Environment and Climate change, as ways to reach out to the change makers & policy advisors.

Dolly Dhamodiwala is a member of IOD and a Certified Corporate Director.

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) set up on 2nd April 1990 under an Act of Indian Parliament, acts as the Principal Financial Institution for Promotion, Financing and Development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector as well as for co-ordination of functions of institutions engaged in similar activities.

Today, through a motivated and focused approach towards resolving both financial and non-financial hurdles of the rising number of MSMEs and Start-Ups, SIDBI has undertaken a series of structural initiatives and strategic interventions that will help make the MSME sector a strong and vibrant sector.

SIDBI’s Mission is to facilitate and strengthen credit flow to MSMEs and address both financial and developmental gaps in the MSME eco-system

Its vision is to emerge as a single window for meeting the financial and developmental needs of the MSME sector to make it strong, vibrant and globally competitive, to position SIDBI Brand as the preferred and customer – friendly institution and for enhancement of share – holder wealth and highest corporate values through modern technology platform

SIDBI has established a number of subsidiaries to cater to the wide ranging and diverse financial and promotional needs of the micro small and medium enterprises. Each of these subsidiaries cater to the specific requirements of the sector.

IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, popularly known as The IMC, is a legendary organization which has relentlessly pursued the agenda of identifying opportunities, addressing critical issues and driving Indian businesses with the single minded focus of sustainable growth.

IMC’s members and its network have been instrumental in Influencing policy frameworks and changes towards this goal and continually strengthening sectors that are critical to India’s new phase of flourish.

IMC seeks out thought leaders and Industry spearheads to identify today’s needs and catalyse the achievement of tomorrow’s vision.

IMC’s Vision is to provide quality service to members and the society at large, enabling them to grow qualitatively & quantitatively, to make India a strong economic nation

IMC’s Mission is

  • Representing views of Commerce and Industry to various levels of Government.
  • Networking global trade and commerce to benefit members.
  • Devising evaluation criteria for assessment of quality systems that meet world-class levels/standards.
  • Promoting Trade and Industry Internationally through linkages.
  • Instituting recognition schemes for individuals & companies to promote excellence.
  • Global trade and commerce to benefit members.
  • Devising evaluation criteria for assessment of quality systems that meet world-class levels/standards.
  • Promoting Trade and Industry Internationally through linkages.
  • Instituting recognition schemes for individuals & companies to promote excellence.

Business Beacon has been associated with IMC for training and designing seminars and workshops for corporates

The India SME Forum is India’s only non-profit, non-political, non-governmental & non trade association,  for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

With over 76000 members and over 5,00,000 registered SMEs, India SME forum is today India’s largest SME Initiative.

Founded in May 2011, for nurturing entrepreneurship and supporting innovative, globally competitive, SMEs in India, India SME Forum works on enabling them to share best practices, addresses their concerns and celebrates their success. The India SME Forum has a valued country wide network of over 250 advisors, consultants, experts and mentors.

India SME Forum is among the three national MSME organizations to find place on the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India.

The India SME Forum, shares best practices, information and knowledge among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises –MSMEs. It seeks and recognizes MSMEs who have exhibited great success in leading their enterprises, creating much needed employment, enabling a sustainable ecosystem and catapulting their enterprise to the next stage, while navigating the inherent risks imminent with business.

Women Entrepreneurs Forum, is a Division of India SME Forum, based in Mumbai

Women Entrepreneurs Forum endeavors to offer skills training, substantial knowledge on various business opportunities, national best practices in doing business, access to financing, keys to driving innovation, assessing risks and growth mantras, enabling members to setup and run replicable, scalable and sustainable businesses. This is bound to create a positive direct impact on the economy as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem, for generations to come.

Worldwide Web of Women:

As an ‘Internet’ of women, ALL is an all-inclusive worldwide web of women’s leadership, friendship and entrepreneurship in ALL spheres, sectors and strata.

ALL is the only such international chamber in the world to offer completely Free Membership to ALL women and supportive men who bring in positivity and inspiration. Membership is only given by invitation and reference.
With over 800+ chapters and 100,000 members across 150+ countries (and growing), ALL is the fastest growing worldwide web of women where women across strata and societies are coming together to discover their strengths and leadership in unprecedented ways. It focuses on enhancing women’s leadership in ALL fields through Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation.

At ALL Women are coming together to collaborate in diverse ways in safe and supportive spaces for interaction. These are enabling personal well-being, professional growth, and public leadership.

ALL is a most unique global network and international women’s chamber to have free membership for ALL women, with the only requirement being, for each one to bring in abundant positive energy and a will to do, and this is done through a system of referrals. Indeed, ALL is a shared vision led by women to bring more inclusion, inspiration and innovation to not just women but to ALL.

Women Economic Forum

At the many Annual & Regional Conferences of ALL, called Women Economic Forum, WEF, women experience a powerful, positive and purposeful energy of multidimensional thought leadership and global friendship in the midst of great networking for business, discussions over hundreds of diverse themes and topics, inspiration of new start-ups, friendships growing across credos and faiths, within the vibrant context of great economic opportunities that India as the fastest growing economy in the world has to offer.

Also our movement of women engages with men as well who support our cause.

FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) is the women’s wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).

An all India forum for women, FLO has its headquarters in New Delhi, with 15 chapters covering different geographical regions of India.

FLO represents over 5000 women entrepreneurs and professionals.
Since last 34 years of experience, FLO has been promoting entrepreneurship and professional excellence among women through workshops, seminars, conferences, training and capacity building programs etc.
The objective of the organization is to encourage and facilitate women to showcase their talents, skills, experiences and energies across sectors and verticals of the economy, for a truly inclusive economic growth trajectory.

Business Beacon has been associated with FICCI, Ladies Organization for designing and conducting Training Programs and Workshops for women directors, professionals, senior executives and women entrepreneurs.

The World Zarathushti Chamber Of Commerce has been created to facilitate networking, enhance Trade & Commerce and to re-energize the Zarathushti entrepreneurial spirit and thus bring about economic prosperity to all Zarathushtis worldwide. Commerce and business enterprise founded on the principles of Integrity and Industry are a Zarathushti hallmark known throughout the world. The intermingling of Zarathushti history and commerce during the past two centuries is a constant reminder that an essential ingredient for the prosperity of the Zarathushti community is its entrepreneurial activities.

WZCC is founded to keep alive the spirit of Zarathushti enterprise and to facilitate trade and commerce so that the Zarathushti community may continue to remain vibrant and prosperous. The Chamber’s mission is to energize Zarathushti entrepreneurial spirit in countries of the world through a networking of business and professionals.

WZCC stands ready to help and support each other and grow together as businesses and in turn support and strengthen our worldwide Zarathushti community. Be an Entrepreneur: The Chamber’s main asset is its database providing information on topics ranging from worldwide job availability and business opportunities to a bank of historical data on Who’s Who in the fast paced World Zarathushti Business Arena. WZCC invites business initiatives, encourages networking and allows our members to enunciate or advertise their business and concepts too.

The Women Entrepreneurs Wing of WZCC, WE

WE was set up in 2012 by Dolly Dhamodiwala to cater to the specialized needs of women setting out on their own on the path of entrepreneurship or aspiring to attain senior executive positions and excel in their chosen professions.

WE organizes well designed Seminars, Workshops and Training programs to benefit and assist women in raising finance for their businesses, devise suitable marketing strategies, developing HR, Communication and Marketing skills and mentors women at all levels to overcome the constraints faced by them in business and professions.

SPJIMR is a leading School of Management in the heart of India’s financial centre of Mumbai. Inaugurated in 1981 it has grown over the years to be recognized as one of the top 10 Business Schools of India.

It is part of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and functions as an autonomous Institute with entrepreneurial agility. Its mission is to influence practice and promote value-based growth. It builds on this mission through pedagogic innovations and pioneering programmes which have helped it to stand out for its unique and distinctive path in management education.

Dolly Dhamodiwala was associated with SPJIMR for eight yrs. as a Senior Researcher in its Corporate Governance Cell where she carried out several research studies and organized Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on various issues in the area of Corporate Governance and Board Leadership.

Dolly is a visiting faculty at S P Jain Inst. of Management & Research, Mumbai, one of the top five management institutes in India. At the Inst. she takes sessions on ‘Financing and Promotion Schemes of Govt. of India for MSMEs and Start ups’. These sessions are for participants who are owners of Small and Medium Enterprises and Start Ups, who are attending the institute’s Management Development Programs –‘Start Your Business’ and ‘Grow Your Business’ . By creating awareness about these schemes and the modes of application for assistance under the schemes, Dolly enables them to raise finance for various purposes, under the most appropriate scheme at most reasonable rates of interest.

The philosophy of Kohinoor Business School (KBS) is to “Bridge the Gap between Classroom Wisdom and Business Realities” and make KBS (Kohinoor Business School) students Industry oriented.

The emphasis at Kohinoor Business School (KBS) is to impart a global perspective by moulding students to manage situations of economic, institutional and cultural differences across countries. The pedagogic innovations break the silos and integrate the various domains of management to offer students holistic view. The curriculum also addresses issues which are of paramount importance to management students

Dolly Dhamodiwala has been associated with KBS for designing and conducting the prestigious Seminar on Corporate Governance, attended by executives from leading business houses, public and private limited companies, family owned companies, start ups and other professionals like CAs, CSs, CFOs, Executive and Independent Directors and many others.