Our Approach

An on-going Relationship with our clients through:

  • Advisory and Consultancy Services
  • Training
  • Research
  • Networking

We assist our clients at every stage:

  • Start-up stage
  • Take off stage
  • Growth stage

Consultancy services are provided at the time of all critical decisions in the following areas:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Board Dynamics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • HR
  • Product Diversification, Modernization & Expansion
  • Fund Raising and Financing Schemes – Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, Start-up Financing, Angel Investments, Venture finance, et al.

OUR ASSISTANCE is provided to:

  • Public Limited Companies Listed On Indian And Foreign Stock Exchanges
  • Unlisted Private Limited Companies
  • Family Managed Companies
  • Companies Planning To Go For IPOs
  • Small and Medium Enterprises including Women Owned or Women Managed Enterprises and Start Ups

Corporate Governance and Board Leadership

Advisory and Training Services

  • Compliance with Corporate Governance Regulatory Norms issued by SEBI and the Stock Exchanges in India and other Stock Exchanges in UK and USA.
  • Adoption and improvement in Corporate Governance practices of the Company
  • Strengthening the Board and Enhancing its Effectiveness with greater contribution from independent directors, board level committees and Senior Management
  • Board Evaluation
  • Enhancing the Role of Women Directors and improving their  contribution in all Board related practices for better governance and more informed Board decisions

Consultancy services

  • Board Evaluation, Risk Management, Related Party Transactions, Responsible reporting, Sustainability, CSR, etc.
  • Advice and Guidance on understanding and implementation of the provisions of the New Companies Act, 2013, Amendments to Companies Act, SEBI regulations, Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement with Stock Exchanges and other related regulations

Risk Management And Internal Controls

Advisory and Training

  • Understanding and Improving your company’s Risk Management Framework and Practices and Appraisal of your Internal Control Systems
  • Guidance on Formulation of suitable Risk Management Policies, Strategies, Protocols, Tools and Models
  • Application of appropriate Internal Controls for effective implementation of the risk management framework

Assistance to Small & Medium Enterprises, Women owned or Women Managed Enterprises and Startups

  • Finance and Promotion – Identification of the most suitable source of finance based on an assessment of your company’s needs and capacity for repayment
  • Selection of the most suitable scheme for raising finance
  • Compliance with the Companies Act and other Mandatory and Non-mandatory Regulations
  • Assessment of Scope for SMEs in Major Industry Segments
  • Market Assessment and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Training

Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

  • Advisory and Consultancy services to women in business – Start-ups and Growth-stage enterprises
  • Sources of finance for women entrepreneurs, professionals and companies promoted by women
  • Training to Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Business Plan preparation, Governance and Risk Management.