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Business Beacon is a management consultancy organization with a Mission to promote Industrial and Service Sector Enterprises in India.

At Business Beacon, we aim at delivering end-to-end Solutions in the areas of Finance, Marketing, HR, Training and Governance adopting a unique and distinctive approach. We strive to build a strong and long lasting relationship with your company, empowering you to face the challenges of a competitive environment with the right managerial inputs. Whether your enterprise is at the Idea stage, Start-up stage or Early growth stage or even if it is an Established Enterprise poised for higher growth, we will reach out to you with advice and guidance, backed by years of experience in the Industry sector and a special focus on Small and Medium Industries.

Dolly Dhamodiwala, CEO, Business Beacon is on the Governing Body of G.E.M.I.- Growth Engine for MSMEs in India. She is the Knowledge Partner and Head Mumbai Operations of G.E.M.I.

Objectives of G.E.M.I. are to help MSMEs achieve organizational excellence through Quality Management, Financial Management, HR Management, Marketing Management, Branding, etc. G.E.M.I. also provides a platform for MSMEs to network with their counterparts in India and abroad, expand their knowledge and grow their business. It also provides Training in Leadership and Governance to Directors and Senior Management of MSMEs through well designed Training Workshops, Seminars and Webinars.